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Administration & Support Division

The Administration and Support Division is divided into three (3) main departments :

Human Resource and Administration Department

  • Manage the recuitment process in order for employee to contribute towords the development of the company.
  • Manage the annual performance evaluation of staff.
  • Manage the rewards, facilities and welfare of employee based on company policy.
  • Ensure employee receive the benefites provided by company policy.
  • Manage and update employee infromation to ensure it is updated and accurate.
  • Manage and upadate the employee’s leave record and ensure they comply with the terms and conditions.
  • Manage employe’s reimbursement claims based on company policy.
  • Ensure employees are knoledgeable and skilled in their respective work scope by planning and identifying appropriate training and courses.
  • Manage scholarship process to employees and their childeren as well as loans to external parties fro further study purposes.
  • Manage and ensure quality and standard in the purchasing process of office equipments and based within the specified budget.
  • Manage sport and charitable activities as well as health seminars for employees to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Information Technology and Support Department

  • To ensure the provision and utilisation of IT is planned, adequate and effective in the daily administration of PNS.
  • To manage, supervise and maintain the IT infrastructure and requirements in accordance with the requirements and instructions from time to time.
  • To ensure equipments and systems are in good and satisfactory condition.
  • To coordinate and monitor the use of the system, IT equipments and other related facilities.
  • To provide assistance and technical support whether on IT applications or equipments and other relevant matters.


Corporate Communication Department

  • The Corporate Communications Department is responsible for developing, improving and protecting the PNS corporate brand, reputation and image through communication with internal and external parties.
  • To ensure that these responsibilities can be achieved, the Department formulates and carries-out activities such as Media Relations, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Promotions & Branding, Marketing Communications and Employee Communications / Relations.
  • This department is not solely focused on the promotion of the products and services provided by PNS, but also serve to establish good relations with various parties including the Ministry, shareholders, media, industry players, government agencies, private sectors, industry associations, including relevant domestic and overseas agencies.

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