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Risk Department

Risk Department

  • To perform the duties of the company’s risk management from time to time. The Risk Management Department is an independent department and is not oriented based on company’s profit target.
  • The department is headed by the Risk Manager (or equivalent position that meets the needs of the department). The department is also responsible for identifying, monitoring, assessing and managing operational risks incurred by the Company.



  • To develop and recommend risk management principles and strategies to the Risk Management Committee (JPR) for approval.
  • To review feedback and guidance provided by JPR and the Management on matters relating to risk management policies, practices, measures and procedures as well as business strategy, plans and budgets to ensure business strategy is in line with the risk strategy.
  • To highlight risk management issues arise from monitoring and risk exposure to JPR for the purpose of discussion and further actions to be taken.
  • To develop and improve risk management policies as the owner of risk management policies.
  • To ensure Company’s systems are in line with risk management principles as approved by the Director Committee of Audit & Risk (JPAR).
  • To establish a comprehensive definition of risk with the purpose of risk identification, assessment, monitoring, control and mitigation elements to promote consistency and transparency in the aspects of management.
  • To inform to JPAR the setting of risk limit / risk tolerance that the Company or the level of Division / Department able to manage and subsequently to present to the Management Board.
  • To provide detailed recommendations on quantitative parameters (e.g.; tolerance on the frequency of operational risk losses etc.) as well as the level of risk acceptance / risk tolerance to JPAR and subsequently to the Board.
  • To assess risk issues in the guidelines proposal for new products / services (including product variations) and to provide opinion and evaluation of associated risks. To present the proposal to JPAR regarding the approval of new products / services.
  • To maintain constant awareness of the changes and amendments made in the Company’s risk profile to ensure business activities are in line with the risk strategy.



  • To coordinate risk issues including the market risks management, credit risk management and operational risk management.
  • To assist the management in providing a transparent reporting to the JPR on the overall business  activities from the view of risk management and to provide further recommendations in addressing the issues from risk management aspects.
  • To propose on the annual workforce planning and skills improvement of the Risk Management Department staffs. To recommend comprehensive financial budgets for Risk Management Department and for risk management activities to the JPR.
  • To ensure the entire organisation either Division / Department to comply with the Company structure which is based on firm risk management, management process and internal control as mandated in the Company’s risk management policies.
  • To recommend performance-based management frameworks which are in line with the principle of the Company’s business and risk strategies to the JPR. The frameworks will then be used comprehensively by the Human Resource Function. This is an effort to promote a performance-oriented work environment and management style that has taken into account the contents of the risk issues.
  • To nurture a proactive risk management culture throughout the organisation in order for the risk management processes to be practiced daily.
  • To add programmes to ensure continuous PNS business activities and operations and staffs are trained in matters relating to risk management.
  • To continuously develop competence and expertise among Department staffs in managing the Company’s risk successfully.


Assessment & Evaluation

  • To develop and  further to propose risk methodology for the purpose of risk assessment and management that may arise from Company business activities and operations.
  • To ensure the compatibility of risk assessment methodology (including the assumptions made in the methodology) in the current business environment.
  • To recommend an optimal level of risk to the JPR and to ensure the level of risk is in line with the Company business activities.

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