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MD Foodstuff labur RM9 juta buka kilang baharu 22 December 2017 Berita Harian
MD Putu Bambu World labur RM9j 22 December 2017 Sinar Harian
Empat Peniaga Lulus 22 December 2017 Harian Metro
173 francais tembusi India 20 December 2017 Sinar Online
173 cawangan jenama francais Malaysia di India 20 December 2017 Berita Harian
173 Rangkaian Malaysia di India 20 December 2017  Kosmo Online
HairDepot tawar peluang francais 13 December 2017 Kosmo Online
No update for this month November
Najib Mahu Mentaliti Pelajar Berubah 15 October 2017 Utusan Malaysia
Ubah Mentaliti Makan Gaji 15 October 2017 Utusan Malaysia
Perlu Ubah Mentaliti Mahu Makan Gaji – PM 15 October 2017 Berita Harian
Entrepreneurship Is The Way To Go 15 October 2017 New Straits Times
No update for this month September 2017
No update for this month August 2017
Usahawan: PNS-MRT Berbincang 19 July 2017 Utusan Malaysia
PNS Peruntuk Pembiayaan RM40 Juta 18 July 2017 Utusan Malaysia
PNS Sasar 20 Usahawan Tembusi Singapura, Indonesia 17 July 2017 Berita Harian
20 Jenama Francais Di Thailand Menjelang 2020 16 July 2017 Utusan Malaysia
Jual Tudung Guna Mesin Layan Diri 1 July 2017 Sinar Harian
Majukan Francais Tempatan 23 June 2017 Utusan Malaysia
Kukuh Jenama di Pasaran Tempatan 7 June 2017 Sinar Harian
MDTCC, PNS Explore Potential Franchise Business In Cambodia 11 May 2017 Bernama
PNS Introduces VEST 2017 Programme To Produce Entrepreneurs Among Graduates 28 April 2017 Bernama
Four Companies With Buffer Stocks Selected To Supply Packaged Cooking Oil 28 April 2017 Bernama
PNS Kerjasama Dengan ASQ 21 April 2017 Berita Harian Online
MyFranchise Opens Third Gloria Jean’s Coffees Outlet In Myanmar 12 April 2017 Bernama
Sedia Dana RM3 Juta 11 April 2017 MyMetro
PNS Peruntuk RM1.5 Juta Skim Sewaan Trak Makanan 18 March 2017 Sinar Online
Franchise And Property – PNS Main Targets 17 March 2017 The Malaysian Reserve
PNS Rancang Ceburi Industri Perladangan 17 March 2017 Utusan Online
PNS Plans RM150MIL Financing, Investment 17 March 2017 The Star Online
Sasar Enam Cawangan 17 March 2017 Sinar Online
Harian Metro Tempat Ketiga 16 March 2017 MyMetro
PNS Sedia Pembiayaan RM130 Juta 16 March 2017 Berita Harian Online
No update for this month February 2017
Konsep Francais 2 January 2017 MyMetro
Papparich Ke Pasaran Asia Barat, Eropah 2 January 2017 Utusan Online
Anytime Fitness Sasar 40 Cawangan 2 January 2017 Utusan Online

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